Psychiatric Reports for Court

Dr Nuwan Galappathie | Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
MBChB MRCPsych MMedSc LLM (Mental Health Law)
Approved under Section 12(2) of the Mental Health Act 1983

Psychiatric Reports for Court

Solicitors for legal cases in any civil, criminal, family, or immigration proceedings often require specialist input from an independent consultant forensic psychiatrist or psychologist. In such cases, psychiatric assessments and reports for court are frequently required, with each report supporting or ratifying particular aspects of any legal or medical evidence being presented.

Psychiatric Reports and Assessments

As a consultant forensic psychiatrist, I prepare comprehensive and objective psychiatric reports as an expert witness for the courts. These are undertaken on the instructions of solicitors, either directly or under instruction from their clients, for civil law, criminal law, family, and personal injury cases.

With my in-depth experience, qualifications, and expertise, I can work as a specialist on your case, allowing you to present evidence to the court that’s objective and impartial and helps the court and proceedings. I can also provide psychiatric assessments on a client to make a professional judgement on whether they may need any further treatment.

Whether you need a psychiatric report for court or a psychiatric assessment, as an experienced specialist, my purpose is to prepare a well researched, comprehensive, and unbiased report, completed quickly and accurately – and to the highest professional and ethical standards.

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Areas of Expertise within Criminal Cases

    • Fitness to plead and stand trial
    • Psychiatric defences
    • Diminished responsibility
    • Loss of control
    • Automatism
    • Fitness for Police interview
    • Sex offenders
    • Fire setting
    • Risk assessment and Dangerousness
    • Community Sentences including Mental Health Treatment Requirement
    • Section 35 Admission to hospital for report
    • Section 36 Remand to hospital and Section 38 Interim Hospital Order
    • Section 37 Hospital Order
    • Section 41 Restriction Order
    • Section 5(2) Criminal Procedure (Insanity) Act
    • Hybrid Orders Section 45(A)
    • Absolute / Conditional Discharge
    • Effects of a prison sentence including immediate imprisonment on a defendant’s mental health
    • Psychiatric report for the Parole Board
    • Appeal cases including appeal against conviction and sentence

Areas of Expertise within Civil Cases

    • Psychiatric assessment of victims of trauma including assessment of psychiatric injury following road traffic accidents, historical sexual abuse, domestic abuse, violent assaults, work related injury or other traumas
    • Psychiatric injury following violation of civil liberties or false arrest
    • Psychiatric assessment of those involved within Immigration Proceedings
    • Psychiatric assessment of detainees within Immigration Removal Centres
    • Assessment of victims of human trafficking and modern slavery
    • Impact of past trauma on the credibility of witness testimony
    • Personal injury assessments
    • Psychiatric assessment of victims of sexual abuse including complex abuse cases
    • Assessments within care homes
    • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards / Liberty Protection Safeguards
    • Capacity to manage finances, care, contact and residence
    • Compensation claims
    • Employment Tribunals
    • First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health)
    • Psychiatric assessment of parents within child custody proceedings

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